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Using Notes

First of all the type of transformation has to be chosen from the menu or the button bar. The interface for the chosen type appears. Each interface type provides entries depending on the transformation type which ask for information about input file, input directory, output directory, template file etc. Within the interfaces there are buttons which give some help on how to fill the entries.      

Each transformation type is documented in the below listed links. These documentations are available only in German language for now. The English versions will be provided very soon.






xassp2emu (prepare Kiel Corpus files for EMU)

xassp2praat (prepare Kiel Corpus files for Praat)



Using the transformation types without the graphical user interface

All convertations can be done using the following commands in wish (for Windows). The red marked variables have to be changed accordingly. Under Linux systems these commands have to be executed by tkemu, where the command "load emutk emu" is not needed.


EMU to Praat:

load emutk emu
emutemplate tml templatefilename
package require emu2praatPack
emu::e2p::e2pconvert utterance outputdirectory tml

Praat to EMU:

package require praat2emuPack
emu::p2e::p2econvert path/to/utterance/utterance outputdirectory

Kiel Corpus to EMU:

load emutk emu
package require xassp2emuPack
package require xassp2anyPack
emu::x2e::x2econvert path/to/utterance/utterance

Kiel Corpus to Praat:

package require xassp2praatPack
package require xassp2anyPack
emu::x2p::x2pconvert path/to/utterance/utterance outputdirectory

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