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A template is loaded pushing the "load" Button. All hierarchy relations that are defined by the levels in the template file are shown separately (Hierarchy 1 etc.). Labeltypes are indented below the corresponding level.
First of all, you should mark the level that provides the answer segments. For that, activate the box in front of the level button. Fill the provided entries for the query and press the query button. The query button creates the query string and gives it to the EMU Query Tool. Within the EMU Query Tool interface you have to add the utterances that should be queried. Pressing the Search button starts the query.

The queryGUI can be used for EMU queries in R. The crated query string can be pasted to the command line of R. The query string is immediately given to the clipboard after it is created.

Examples for diffrent queries (pdf 195 Kb)-german-but nevertheless usefull


Known Problems

Queries with sequences that dominate sequences aren't supported by queryGUI.