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Using Notes

With the Assp Tools speech signal analyses from a speech signal can be done. Analysing includes creating track files. Information to the provided analyses can be read here or directly in the graphical user interface tkassp.

tkassp provides 3 input options:

1. a file
2. a directory
3. a segment list

For the second option wildcards can be used for selecting the file type. The default extension is *.wav. The segment list of option 3 has to be created by the EMU-Segmenttool or has to be in an equal format. Analyses of the Assp Tools with a segment list create one track file for each analysis, that can be used in R and S-Plus.

After choosing the input option within the interface, the output directory can be chosen on the right side on top of the interface. Per default the input directory is defined for the output directory.

On the left side of the interface you can select the analyses you want to be done for the chosen input files.

For each Assp Tool a panel is provided, where you can specify options for each tool. The reset button resets the options to their default values. Resetting all options can be done by the reset all button.

The OK button starts the analysis.

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