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Using Notes

On the different panels of the interface Levels can be defined, their hierarchical relations can be set, levels can be defined as labfiles, legal labels for each level can be defined, tracks, variables etc. The interface provides entries for these information. Therefore the users do not need to know about the syntactic structure that is used within the template file to store these information. There are help files for each panel, that can be called directly from the interface by clicking the help button.


Use in tcl scripts

It is possible to edit template files without using the graphical interface in tcl scripts for example. For that, the template file is loaded by the function emu::tpled::tplLoad::read_tpl, the changes to the template file can be done manipulating variables. The changes are written to the template file by the function emu::tpled::tplSave::write_tpl.

package require tpled
emu::tpled::tplLoad::read_tpl demo.tpl

set emu::tpled::guiarray(pathhlb) changedPathdemo


The following variables can be changed. The information in from the template file are stored in the emu::tpled::guiarray array with following indices. n and m are substitutions for integer values.



Index description Example
leveln name of n. level Phonetic
parentn name of parent level of n. level Phoneme
manytomanyn many-to-many of n. level (1 yes; 0 no) 0

hlb path

pathhlb path to hlb files C:/path/to


labeln,m name of m. labeltype of n. level Accent

variables for labfile definitions

labfileChn is the n. level defined as labfile (1 yes; 0 no) 1
timefan time-Factor of labfile of n. level 1000
typen type of labfiles of n. level (SEGMENT or EVENT) SEGMENT
extlabfn extension of labfile files of labfiles of n. level Ph
pathlabfn path to labfiles of labfile of n. level c:/path/to
formatChn is there a format given for labfile of n. level (1 yes; 0 no) 1
formatn format of labfile of n. level (only if formatChn is 1) ESPS
markChn is there a mark given for labfile of n. level 0
markn mark of labfile of n. level (only if markChn is 1) END

legal labels

leglabsChn are legal labels defined for n. level (1 yes; 0 no) 1
leglacln,m name of m. legal labels class for n. level Stop
leglacllabsn,m legal labels (separated by blank) of m. legal labels class of n. level p tS dZ t k b d g

variables to track definitons

tracksamples samples -
extsamples extension of track files of sample track wav
pathtracksamples path to track files of sample track c:/path/to
trackn name of n. track F0
exttrackn extension of n. track sf0
pathtrackn path to track files of n. track c:/path/to


AutoBuild path to AutoBuild script AutoBuild.tcl
PrimaryExtension PrimaryExtension wav
userdefvars variables defined by user set y x \n set z s
hviewChn n. level is shown in hierarchy 1
sviewChn n. track is shown 1
sviewChsamples track samples is shown 0
sviewChspectrogram spectrogramm is shown 1

Spectrogram options

trackspectrogram spectrogram -
trackspectrogram,SpectrogramScale SpectrogramScale value 4
trackspectrogram,SpectrogramWhiteLevel SpectrogramWhiteLevel value 35
trackspectrogram,bw bw value (n or w or integer) w
trackspectrogram,fmax max value of frequency range 5000
trackspectrogram,fmin min value of frequency range 0

Further variables and counter:


emu::tpled::lc number of defined level (starts with 1) 5
emu::tpled::labc(n) number of defined label types of n. level 2
emu::tpled::clc(n) number of defined legal labels classes of n. level 4
emu::tpled::tc number of defined tracks (without sample track,starts with 1) 2

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