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Advanced Speech Signal Processing Tool

- xassp -

xassp is an application for displaying, analysing and processing speech signals. It is intended for segmental and prosodic labelling, but can be used for different purposes, because of its numerous configuration possibilities.

xassp main dialog

User-definable configurations allow to open several associated files together and to automatically perform certain analyses of the speech signal. The configuration Segmental, e.g., is intended for segmental labelling. The windows that are opened when choosing this configuration are

  • a speech signal that can be selected in the main dialog
  • a sonagram that is computed by means of spectral analysis of the speech signal
  • the labels that are associated with the speech signal

To the right a screen shot of this configuration is displayed. The configuration Segmental allows the user to place labels at segment boundaries by locating them in the sonagram and by playing the relevant parts of the speech signal.

Example configuration for segmental labelling

The configuration Prosodic is used for prosodic labelling. When choosing this configuration the following windows are opened:

  • the selected speech signal
  • the fundamental frequency computed from the speech signal
  • the labels that are associated with the speech signal

To the right you can find a screen shot of the Prosodic configuration.

Configuration for prosodic labelling

Again the user can play relevant parts of the speech signal and, supported by the display of the fundamental frequency, add prosodic labels to the segmental ones.

Although xassp is mainly intended for segmental and prosodic labelling, it provides several additional possibilities for analysing speech signals:

  • Fundamental frequency (F0)
  • The fundamental frequency can be displayed in different ways (range, linear or logarithmic scale)

  • Energy
  • Sonagram (FFT and LPC)
  • Section (FFT and LPC) (see screen shot on the right)
  • Formants that are computed from the LPC section can be displayed in a separate window.


The analyses can be automatically performed when loading a configuration, or manually by using a pop-up menu in the speech signal window.

Normally, the data that are displayed on the screen are affiliated in some way. xassp provides the possibility to link those windows, so that certain actions are performed in all linked windows. Linked windows are also forced to show the same region, i.e. scrolling and zooming is performed in all windows simultaneously.