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Adrian P. Simpson (2001). Does articulatory reduction miss more patterns than it accounts for? In: Journal of the International Phonetic Association 31, 29-41

Adrian Simpson, IPdS Kiel, Germany

This html-document contains listening-examples for the article published in JIPA. Please click on the underlined words to play the speech signals. Before, please make sure that your browser is configurated to play sound-files.

1 Introduction

Figure 1: Utterance-final token of the word "bag" from the utterance "put it in the bag".

4 Assimilation in German

Figure 2: Utterance portion "set out its latest plans" from Radio 4 news broadcast, speaker Charlotte Green.

Table 3:
Assimilation environments
Terminkalender 'diary' 0 / 9 in Kiel/Köln/Berlin/Bielefeld/Bonn/
'in town' 3 / 34
anbieten 'offer' 0 / 22 gut C 'well' 2 / 58
vereinbaren 'arrange' 3 / 37 geht C 'goes' 0 / 16
ungefähr 'about' 3 / 3 kein Problem 'no problem' 8 / 14
unbedingt 'definitely' 10 / 12      

Figure 3: One token of in Kiel by a male speaker. Arrow indicates click produced by the release of apical closure after dorsal closure has already been made.

© Adrian Simpson, IPdS Kiel, 2001

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