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Klaus J. Kohler (2000). Investigating unscripted speech: Implications for phonetics and phonology. In: Festschrift for Björn Lindblom, Phonetica 57.

K.J. Kohler, IPDS Kiel, Germany

Figure 1. Speech wave, spectrogram and SAMPA label window for the `Kiel Corpus of Spontaneous Speech' utterance "nun wollen wir mal kucken" ("now let's see") in dialogue turn g122a009: reduced speech.

Figure 2. Speech wave, spectrogram and SAMPA label window for a reading pronunciation of "nun wollen wir mal kucken" by speaker KJK: elaborated speech.

Figure 3. Spectrogram of "(Die) können uns (abholen)" ("They can collect us")(top) and of "(Die) könnten uns (abholen)" ("They could collect us")(bottom); read speech, speaker KJK.

Figure 4. Speech waves of original "Die können uns ab(holen)"(top), "Die könnten uns ab(holen)"(bottom), and 4 stimuli derived from "Die können uns ab(holen)" by splicing, with glottalization replacing the 2nd half, the first half the centre, and the total length of the nasal, respectively. Original stimuli as in Figure 3. Stimuli generated for perception experiment.

© Klaus J. Kohler, ipds Kiel, 2000

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