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Pronunciation Training Materials
An IPA Consonant Chart comparing Spanish and German sounds
Transcription - Acoustics - Audio

  by Klaus J. Kohler

In this file, the consonant sounds of Spanish and German are compared with reference to transcription symbols in an adapted IPA consonant chart, and they are illustrated by logatome syllables of the type consonant + [a], or [a] + consonant + [a], pronounced in audio files by the author and presented graphically as speech waves and spectrograms. The following comparisons are made:

voiceless aspirated - voiceless unaspirated - voiced
at each of the labial, alveolar, velar places of articulation
and glottal stop present or absent

Voiceless Fricatives
labial  -  dental  -  alveolar  -  postalveolar

Voiced Fricatives
labial  -  dental  -  alveolar  -  postalveolar

Voicless Fricatives
palatal  -  velar  -  uvular  -  glottal

Voiced Fricatives
palatal  -  velar  -  uvular  -  glottal

labial  -  alveolar  -  palatal  -  velar

Trill vs. Tap

alveolar  -  palatal

bilabial  -  labiodental  -  dental  -  palatal  -  velar

Click with left mouse button
in the individual Plosive boxes
or in any of the boxes of the other series
to call up the acoustic display of the compared consonants,
in which you will also be able to listen to the sounds.

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