Handbook of the
International Phonetic Association


Castilian Spanish - Madrid

  by Klaus Kohler

based on the IPA Illustration of Catilian Spanish
by Eugenio Martinez-Celdrán, Ana Ma. Fernández-Planas,Josefina Carrera-Sabaté JIPA 33 (2003)
and the recordings of the words and the text by a female speaker from Madrid,
a lecturer in the Romance Languages Department of Kiel University







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The words discussed under Conventions in the IPA Illustration of Castalian Spanish
by Eugenio Martinez-Celdrán et al were recorded by the Madrid speaker,
and the adjusted Conventions are summarized in the Table below.

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Narrative: Transcriptions / Orthographic text

Semi-narrow transcription of a recording by a female speaker from Madrid

Being based on the transcription of Castilian Spanish in the IPA Illustration by Eugenio Martinez-Celdrán et al
it does not always correspond faithfully to the actual pronunciation in the recording.
But it gives the user a good reference for making corrections.

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of the semi-narrow transcription above.
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