Pragmatic and attitudinal meanings of pitch patterns
in German syntactically marked questions

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1. Original utterance: sequence of question-word and word-order questions.

"Wie sieht das aus bei Ihnen? Haben Sie da irgendwelche besonderen Terminwünsche?" ("what does your calendar look like? have you any special requests for dates?")
Reference: g076a005; male speaker: TIS; original: two final falling patterns.

2. Resynthesis of the final patterns: from falling to rising.
The following figure presents:

Play original: two final peaks

Play resynthesis: two final late valleys

3. Sequences of both questions.

Play original: two final peaks

Play first resynthesis: two final valleys

Play second resynthesis: final peak followed by final valley

Play third resynthesis: final valley followed by final peak

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