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Thomas Wesener. 2001. Some non-sequential phenomena in German function words In: Journal of the International Phonetic Association 31, 17-29.

Thomas Wesener, IPdS Kiel, Germany

Press left mouse button on the figures below to play the speech signals. Before, please make sure that your browser is configurated to play sound-files.

Figure 1 Non-modal phonation types as the only correlate of /x/ in doch auch noch m[al] 'yet once more' (g103a005)

Figure 2 Temporal flexibility of breathy voice for /h/ in da haben 'there have'. Left: framed by modal voice (g254a013). Middle: shifted to the left (g071a019). Right: shifted to the right (g425a006)

Figure 3 Bidirectional shifting of functionally different types of creak in achtzehnten elften 'eighteenth November' (g411a004): plosive-related glottalization at the end of achtzehnten shifted to the left, vowel-related glottalization at the beginning of elften shifted to the right.

Figure 4 Non-modal phonation of /x/ completely shifted onto the following nasal in noch mal 'once more' (g105a016)

Figure 5 Non-modal phonation superimposed on longer stretches between productions of /x/ in auch noch mal 'also (...) once more' (g415a004)

© Thomas Wesener, IPdS Kiel, 2001

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