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Englische Version Deutsche Version

A collection of databases for phonetic purposes

British National Corpus of English
A very large corpus with over 1 million words of the English language, in written as well as in spoken form.

MARSEC: Machine Readable Spoken English Corpus
... with a possibility for downloading

Oxford Acoustic Phonetic Database
Available on CD by J.Pickering and B.Rosner

The Sounds of the World´s Language
15 DSDD disks, needs about 35 megabytes harddisk space

The same page as "The Sounds of the World's Language"

Relator project speech corpora index
... links to further speech databases in whole Europe.

EUR-ACCOR acoustic and articulatory database
Acoustic and articulatory databases for the languages Catalan, English, French, German, Gaelic, Italian and Swedish.

Audio files associated with articles in the Speech Communication Journal
Listening examples

Linguistic Data Consortium Speech Corpora
A major US collector and distributor of spoken and written language databases.

Australian National Database of Spoken Language (ANDOSL)
This huge database comprises spoken language as it occurs in a variety of major speaker groups in Australia

Databases & Corpora
A major collection of speech databases & corpora from Department of Linguistics, University of Hawai'i, including ToBI and Celex(2), ...