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Topics and tools

Several links to phonetic topics in general
Categorical Perception
An experiment in perception

F0 and vowel perception
A course demonstrating the significance of f0 in the perception of vowel quality.

Equations for CB-rate, CB, and ERB
Formula for the transformation from Hz to Bark as well as explanations of CB and ERB.

Description of ToBI Prosodic Labelling System
ToBI (Tones and Break Indices) is a system for the transcription of intonation patterns and other prosodic aspects in English utterances.

The Pattern Playback
A description of the Haskins' Pattern Playback "Speaking Machine"

UCSC Perceptual Science Laboratory
3-D models and animations of the face during speech.

Talking Heads
A wide range of articulatorical and acoustical themes, combined with multimedial illustrations.

The Linguistics Mailing List
A lot of newsletters, dealing with linguistic and phonetic topics, most of them free.

Visible Human Project
This page provides a very interesting insight into human (speech) anatomy with richly annotated pictures.

Cardinal vowels spoken by Daniel Jones
Cardinal Vowels can only be learnt from a teacher who knows how to make them or from a gramophone record or tape record. It is for the purpose of making these vowels widely known that these (...) records have been prepared.
Daniel Jones (1956), in the accompanying booklet.

Tools concerning speech signal processing
Fonts, tools und free software...
...of SIL international.

Speech analysis tools...
...of SIL international for free download.

software tools for analysis, synthesis und recognition of speech
wasp, praat, wavesurfer, jaars speech analysis, mbrola synthesis, ... (for free download).

IPA-SAM Phonetic Fonts
complete and free downloadable phonetic fonts for IBM-PC und MAC.

Speech Filing System
Several tools for speech sciences.

Czech TTS System for Windows
Text-To-Speech System for Windows. (The server is often not contactable!)

WinSAL and WinSAL-V
Speech analysis-system for Windows 95 (Download possible).

Natural language and software registry
Software for speech signal analysis, syntactic analysis, formalisms, etc.

Intelligent Speech Analyser
Software tool for Macintosh computers.

SAM Speech Tools
A list of helpful programs that were developed during the ESPRIT "SAM" project.

SIL Software for Linguistics
Further tools.

Articulograph AG100 Demo
Some programs for download

Speech processing software for free downloading

EMU Speech Database System
EMU is a collection of software tools for the creation, manipulation and analysis of speech databases.