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Links to different national and international institutions

Links within the University

Homepage of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität of Kiel

Homepage of the Faculty of Philosophy

Department of General and Comparative Linguistics

Student Representatives (Fachschaft) 'Linguaphon'

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National institutions

Institute of Phonetics and Speech Communication Munich

Institute of Phonetics Cologne

Institute of Phonetics Saarbrücken

Institute of Communication Studies and Phonetics Bonn

Institute of Phonetics Trier

Institute of Natural Language Processing Stuttgart

Institute of Phonetics Frankfurt

International institutions

IPA - International Phonetic Association

Department of Speech and Hearing, KTH

Museum of Speech Synthesis in French

Linguistic Data Consortium

Department of Language and Linguistic Science, York

Speech Works

The European Student Journal of Language and Speech

ESCA - European Speech Communication Association

SHLRC - Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia