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Lecture notes, tutorials and interactive courses

Lecture notes and tutorials
Interactive courses
Akustische Phonetik
Accompanying text and audio-demonstration for the lecture acoustic phonetics at Munich University
Web based course in Corpus Linguistics
Interactive course about Corpus Linguistics including exercises to check your own progress
En tur i fonetikens marker
Text about linguistic and para-linguistic phenomena.
On-line phonology course
Not only for English native speakers :-)
Speech Analysis Tutorial
An introduction to various methods of analysing speech signals.
Teaching with the Web (Languages)
A webpage with links for interactive learning of foreign languages
Cours de phonétique ...
An introductory course about phonetics by the University of Lausanne
Einführung in die Sprachsynthese
Introductory text about speech analysis with a link to Haskins Pattern Playback.
CSLU Spectrogram Reading Home Page
Why would anyone want to read a spectrogram? Get answers to this and other fundamental questions...
Das Lesen von Sonagrammen
Material from a sonagram reading course
Automatische Spracherkennung
Downloadable postscript files concerning automatic speech recognition.
Language and Brain / Sprache und Gehirn
A neuro-linguistic tutorial