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Arbeitsberichte des Instituts für Phonetik und digitale Sprachverarbeitung der Universität Kiel

AIPUK 8. 1977. Andrew Butcher, Klaus J. Kohler, Hermann J. Künzel. Experimental Investigations into Coarticulatory and Articulatory Control in German

Table of contents :

  • Butcher, Andrew, Klaus J. Kohler. Introduction: A Set of Experiments and their Aims
  • Kohler, Klaus J. The Production of Plosives
  • Künzel, Hermann, J. A Photo-Electric Investigation of Velar Height during Vowel Articulation: First Applications of the Velograph
  • Künzel, Hermann, J. Relative Velar Height and Velar Timing in Orally and Nasally Released Stops - A Preliminary Report
  • Butcher, Andrew. Coarticulation in Intervocalic Voiceless Plosives and Fricatives in Connected Speech


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