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Arbeitsberichte des Instituts für Phonetik und digitale Sprachverarbeitung der Universität Kiel

AIPUK 31. 1996. Adrian P. Simpson, Matthias Pätzold. Sound Patterns of Connected Speech - Description, Models and Explanation (Proceedings of the symposium held at Kiel University on 14-15 June 1996)

Table of contents :

  • Kohler, Klaus J. The aims of the Symposium
  • Rehor, Claudia, Matthias Pätzold. The phonetic realization of function words in German spontaneous speech
  • Kohler, Klaus J. The phonetic realization of schwa syllables in German
  • Nolan, Francis. Overview of English Connected Speech Process (CSPs)
  • Abramson, Arthur S., Leigh Lisker. Comments on Francis Nolan's Overview of English
  • Engstrand, Olle, Francisco Lacerda. Lenition of stop consonants in conversational speech: evidence from Swedish (with a sideview on stops in the world's languages)
  • Recasens, Daniel. Relating coarticulatory effects to assimilatory and dissimilatory processes (Catalan data)
  • Vaisière, Jaqueline. From Latin to Modern French: On diachronic changes and synchronic variations
  • Ohala, Manjari. Connected Speech in Hindi
  • Butcher, Andrew. Some connected speech phenomena in Australian languages: universals and idiosyncrasies
  • Iivonen, Antti. Reductions in Finnish related to lexicon, grammar, stress and speech rate
  • Barry, William J. Some fundamental problems of looking at connected speech
  • Lindblom, Björn, Sue A. Brownlee, Rolf Lindgren. Formant undershoot and speaking styles: An attempt to resolve some controversial issues
  • Carré, René. Modelling and perception of "gesture reductions"
  • Maeda, Shinji. Phonemes as concatenable units: VCV synthesis using a vocal-tract syntheshizer
  • Simpson, Adrian P., Michael T.M. Scheffers. Knowledge-based copy synthesis as a tool in connected speech research
  • Hawkins, Sarah. Perceptual modeling of connected speech
  • Beddor, Patrice Speeter. Perceptual modeling of connected speech: discussion of Hawkins' approach
  • Diehl, Randy L., Wendy A. Castleman. Integrated perceptual properties: The affricate/fricative distinction
  • Ohala, John J. The relation between sound change and connected speech processes
  • Kohler, Klaus J. Glottalization across languages
  • Rogers, Jonathan. Vowel deletion/devoicing
  • Helgason, Pétur. Lenition in German and Icelandic
  • Kohler, Klaus J.. Developing a research paradigm for sound patterns of connected speech in the languages of the world


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