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You can place your order by FAX or by e-mail.

...Order by FAX

If you decide to place your order by FAX, you can download and print one of our orderforms and just fill in the neccessary information. The orderforms are avaiable as

For further specifications concerning price and complete title of the avaiable publications, please click here for AIPUKs and here for Kiel Corpus CDs I and II-IV. Our FAX-number is: +49 431/880-1578

...Order by e-mail

Should you like to order by e-mail, please remember to type in your complete name, address, phone-number and e-mail. Otherwise your mail will be refused. Furthermore it is neccessary to fill in the complete product title(s), as well as the single price and in case of more than one product the total price in Euro. For receiving the neccessary product specifications, please click here forAIPUKs and here for Kiel Corpus CDs I and II-IV. Please notice that the information you submit is insecure and could possibly be observed by a third party while in transit!

Costs for postage and packing will be added to the prices. The postage depends on destination (i.e. country), weight and size of the package. Keep in mind that several orders can be sent together and thus help to save your money.