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A. Amelot, P. Basset and J. Vaissière Physiological data on the production of nasality in French spontaneous speech Abstract
William Barry and Bistra Andreeva Some cross-language similarities and differences in spontaneous speech patterns Abstract
Nicole Beringer The use of German "braucht" in unscripted speech: morphological reduction or phonetically caused elision? Abstract
Richard Cauldwell Discourse intonation: a window on spontaneous speech Abstract
Francesco Cutugno and Renata Savy Reduction phenomena in spontaneous Italian: presence/absence of cues in the acoustic signal Abstract
Gerry Docherty, Paul Foulkes and Dom Watt The case for non-invariance: evidence from the acquisition of patterns of consonant realisation by Tyneside children Abstract
Danielle Duez Restoration of deleted and/or assimilated consonant clusters in conversational French: effects of preceding and following contexts Abstract
Alexandra Dunn and John J. Ohala F0 declination: its causes and its infrequency in unscripted speech Abstract
Olle Engstrand and Diana Krull CV syllables in spontaneous speech Abstract
Barbara Gili Fivela Discourse structure and phrase level phenomena Abstract
Janet Fletcher and Nicholas Evans Accentual prominence in Dalabon and Bininj Gun-Wok Abstract
Mária Gósy On the double function of pauses in spontaneous speech Abstract
Steven Greenberg Understanding spoken language via statistical and computational methods Abstract
John Kelly Glottal events and syllabicity in an English urban dialect Abstract
Klaus J. Kohler Lenition and nasalization in speech communication Abstract
Mietta Lennes, Nina Alarotu and Martti Vainio Is the phonetic quality of unstressed words unpredictable? - An example from spontaneous Finnish Abstract
John Local Speaking other people's minds: the phonetics of collaborative completions Abstract
Manjari Ohala Some patterns of unscripted speech in Hindi Abstract
Pilar Munday Spanish voiceless stops in different speaking styles Abstract
Katerina Nicolaidis An electropalatographic study of consonant production in spontaneous speech Abstract
Samuel Obeng Prosody in Akan judicial discourse: phonetic details of disagreement tokens Abstract
Richard Ogden Turn-holding, turn-yielding and laryngeal activity in Finnish Abstract
James M. Scobbie and Marie Cluness Dialect levelling in a group of young Shetlandic adults of differing parental backgrounds Abstract
Linda Shockey Local vs. global strategies for perception of casual speech Abstract
Elizabeth Shriberg Disfluencies in spontaneous English speech Abstract
Adrian P. Simpson Does articulatory reduction miss more patterns than it accounts for? Abstract
Maria Josep Solé The cognitive representation of sounds in context Abstract
Thomas Wesener Some non-sequential phenomena in German function words Abstract

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